All the curly ladies, all the curly ladies …

With apologies to Beyoncé – although, I have to say, the product in question here I think she could rather love.

I’m totally converted to the new Bouclème Curl Cream (£19), which in the two short weeks I’ve been trying it, has become my go-to styling product, before blow-drying and between washes, too. Continue reading All the curly ladies, all the curly ladies …

Crazy-gorgeous Jessica GELeration Pedicure at the Chewton Glen Spa

I had a fantastic treat last week of a Jessica GELeration pedicure treatment at the Chewton Glen Spa, and it’s literally put spring in my step!

Jessica Geleration Chewton Glen Spa review

I love shellac or gel colour, especially for my toes, as I’m REALLY bad at painting them myself, and it’s a real treat because I find the colour lasts me a good 4-6 weeks (or even longer, with sneaky top-ups of any chips with a matching colour!).

The Jessica treatment was lovely. After some (much-needed) cuticle work, dry skin blitzing and nail shaping – for fingers and toes, going as short and neat as possible keeps things easy to maintain and polished-looking – I picked out the gel colour: Pink Explosion, a new and gorgeously glossy hot pink with a vivid edge that really makes the colour pop!

Jessica Geleration Chewton Glen Spa review

Just what’s needed now, don’t you think, while we wait for things to heat up?! At least our toes can!

And the super-luxe surrounds of the spa was a wonderful treat in itself. Chewton Glen Hotel and Spa is located two hours by train from London on the outskirts of the New Forest. It offers a full range of day spa packages and cheaper Twilight spa options, £80 per person at the time of posting, from 5-10pm and on selected evenings, in which you can make full use of the facilities, including a beautiful hydrotherapy pool and outdoor hot tub, so you can soak and chat under the stars!

Celebrations are afoot, too, as this year Chewton Glen is marking the big 50 (in style)!

Jessica Geleration Chewton Glen Spa review

Every changing room should have one …

Jessica Geleration Chewton Glen Spa review

The biggest challenge was making sure I didn’t drop my phone into the foot spa whilst snapping the above (I abandoned the feet-in-the-spa shot for this exact reason!).

I highly recommend the Jessica GELeration treatment as a great way to spoil yourself and start the new season feeling fabulously fresh and spring-like, from the feet up!

Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Color + Primer

How pretty is this new pink lip shine from Clinique?

Straight up, I should say I’m a hands-down gloss girl and, for me, most moisturising lipsticks-turned-balms aren’t totally my thing as they tend to feel too drying. But this one doesn’t. Continue reading Clinique Pop Glaze Sheer Lip Color + Primer