There’s more than one way to wear a Fedora …

… and this just might be my favourite!

After weeks of resisting, I’ve embraced the new season beauty spirit with a CND Shellac pedi in the gorgeously deep, dark and glossy Fedora (I have a feeling my fingertips are to follow soon!).

It’s such a treat to have a pro pedi, especially with darker shades – I can never get them to look as neat!

This shade is SO rich and shiny, it can’t help but make you feel cosy and cold weather-ready!

How about you? Have you gone darker for autumn yet?

Wake up glowing!

Usually, it takes a while when trying out new skincare to give it a proper run before reporting back on the results. But then you come across those products that seem to make a great, visible difference almost immediately (in this case, overnight!) and you’ve got to share!

For me, Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing  Moisturizer (£34), ticks that box.

I used it for the first time two nights ago and definitely saw a difference in my skin, which has been looking quite washed-out and needing a little more help to glow (too many late nights, To Do lists and general back-to-school craziness!).  The next morning, it looked glowier, more healthy and less pass-me-my-bronzer-immediately!

What like about the formula itself – which promises to help restore loss radiance due to time (hello!) and sun damage – is that it feels lightweight but nightime-nourishing at the same time. I do love a more ‘cosseting’ cream post-hot cloth cleanse at night, and this is lighter than some but goes on super-smoothly and definitely leaves skin feeling rehydrated.

Another night, another fresher look come this morning. I’m not saying my lines, uneven pigmentation and the payback from all those years of 80s sunbathing have disappeared overnight (I’m painting a pretty picture here, aren’t I?!), but anything which works overnight to help a fortysomething mama get her glow back scores big in my book!

A gorgeous new gloss on the block!

Oooh, if you love your lip gloss (as I do – I always come back to it), here’s a lovely new discovery!

I’m absolutely LOVING Delilah Ultimate Shine Lip Gloss (£22): think saturated colour, drenched with shine but without a hint of stickiness or gloopiness – a rare thing indeed!

I love the two colours I was sent to try: Ballerina, a pretty, slightly shimmery pink, and Orchid (pictured) which takes it up a notch yet still looks fresh and fun and I’d definitely wear for daytime (especially right now, when it helps to have a great pop of colour at the end of summer!).

And the bonus? The formula REALLY lasts – and it’s not billed as a long-lasting one as such. I don’t know about you, but I find glosses tend to disappear so fast – especially after drinking or grabbing a snack. This one stays put for longer – definitely a keeper!

I’ve got some other bits to review from Delilah, so I’ll report back, and in the meantime you can find the range at selected UK spas and stores and online.

Aveeno Skincare Secrets (and my top tip for summer-into-autumn leg baring!)

As I shared on Instagram this morning, I was thrilled to be tagged by the fab Krista Madden of Beauty And The Dirt to try out this classic body moisturiser and drugstore fave – Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (£7.65) – and share my Aveeno Skincare Secrets, as Krista did (and I love and couldn’t agree more with her advice on cleansing – makes all the difference!).

And what better timing to talk about body lotions? When the weather is showery one minute and sunny the next, it’s good to have a rich but non-greasy body lotion to hand – the sort you can slap onto bare legs, get dressed and go (or, indeed, get dressed and slap on where needed, in a pinch – something I’m very accustomed to doing, I’ve got to admit!).

So, my skin care secret has to do with exactly this seasonal challenge: on days when the sun shines and it still feels too warm for tights and you want to add a little colour (or keep your summer glow going for longer), simply mix a little leftover bronzing gel or shimmer – maybe something you’ve been using on your face – with your favourite body lotion and apply.

You can do this in the palm of your hand, adjusting the bronzer/body lotion ratio until you get the desired depth of homemade, instant body tint! Make-up artists even do this with powder, but I’ve always found liquid or gel bronzers easiest to work with.

And even if you\ve already got a great instant, wash-off body tint (like one of these I mentioned), then body lotion is also your best friend for the most glowing, even results. Apply a good layer of lotion first, then dot your wash-off tint on top and blend with your fingertips until seamlessly, lightly sunkissed!

Back to the Aveeno lotion, this one, which has scooped countless awards from the likes of InStyle and Allure, is famous for its ability to saturate skin with much-needed moisture (which is mine all year round!) without heaviness or greasiness. In fact, I’m always torn between needing something fairly intensive and my dislike for anything too thick and gloopy, especially in the daytime.

Like Krista says in her post, I love too that it has a pump – I find this so much easier than diving into slippery jars and quicker when you’re in a mad-dash to get ready!

Formula-wise, the focus ingredient here is soothing, dry skin-nourishing colloidal oatmeal but there are other key moisturisers like glycerin which I’ve found to be one of the most successful ingredients in sorting out my very dry skin-prone hands (as soon as temperatures drop, I get this dermatitis-like dryness which is with me all winter unless I keep on top of it with regular moisturising).

I did notice, immediately after applying it to my body, how soft and supple the skin on my hands was – so that’s a big bonus for me. There’s a paraffin in there, too, which also helps to provide the immediate, intensive hydration boost that you can see and feel after applying it.

After weeks of sandals and flip-flops, I’ll definitely be rubbing it lots onto my dry heels morning and night, too!

So, now I get to tag fellow beauty writer Lisa, the radiant and gorgeous editor of the Glowology blog, to share hers (I can’t wait!).

I’ll also be checking out other beauty bloggers’ top tips using the hashtag #AveenoSkincareSecrets on Twitter.

This is not a sponsored post. I was delighted to be tagged and invited by Aveeno to try the lotion and share my own tips! 

New Essie autumn 2015 collection – it’s coming!

Despite being in autumn-seems-to-have-arrived denial since getting back from our family hols on Sunday night (and all the RAIN!), I AM excited about dipping into some of the new season’s nail colours!

As I mentioned recently, I’m a BIG Essie fan and I can’t wait to try the new fall collection, coming next month!

I’m loving the look of the metallic shades, which somehow make a nice transition from summer brights and pastels to deeper, warmer colours but without going super-dark too soon (so not ready yet!).

So, pictured top is Bellbottom Blues, and this is Leggy Legend (those names!!).

Essie Leggy Legend Essie autumn 2015 collection review

I’ll be reporting back with swatches on these and more from the line-up, but thought you might like to see what’s in store!

Are you ready to give up your summer nails yet? What colours are you tempted to try for autumn?

How I’m getting on with Zelens!

So, last week, I posted this shot on Instagram about being excited to try the full Zelens skin care experience (almost. I haven’t tried the cleanser, which I know fans of the range love, so I’ll try and get onto that and report back soon!).

The background: Zelens is the skin care range developed by Dr Marko Lens, an international authority on skin cancer and reconstructive and plastic surgeon. The formulations are all about balance and the careful blending of biotechnology and plant-derived ingredients to create formulas which work with the skin’s natural processes to repair, rejuvenate and, of course, protect it against environmental damage.

At the weekend, I tried some key Zelens skincare and make-up products together, to see how they worked for me: the Intense Defence Antioxidant Serum (£125), Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 30 (£55), Youth Glow Foundation (£60) and Lip Enhancer (£32), which has already become a go-to in my summer make-up bag (coming to that!).

Obviously, it’s early days as far as giving feedback on the longer-term results on my skin, but I loved what I used and, by the end of the day, my skin still had a natural-looking but ‘finished’ look.

Zelens skincare and make-up review

As it usually is in any range, the serum is the priciest product I tried (most beauty pros say, if you can, it’s the skincare product worth spending more on as it is absorbed most deeply). In this case, you get quite a lot in the bottle and a little goes a long way.

The antioxidant-packed formula smoothes on easily and feels immediately refreshing and hydrating. I left it for a few moments before then applying the broad spectrum SPF day cream which was lightweight enough to go on quickly and easily and without leaving a hint of greasiness, which I loved. Make-up went on top without any problems. It’s great to know you’re protecting your skin with a serious sunscreen (even if your make-up base has an SPF, the problem is you almost certainly won’t be using enough to get the full benefit) and I’m inclined to trust a daily sunscreen developed by a doctor who speciality is in skin cancer.

Zelens skincare and make-up review

Being a sunny summer day, I used the SPF cream but I’ve also tried the Hydro-Shiso Balancing Moisturiser (£60), a lotion with a lovely, refreshing feel which hydrates without heaviness and, again, make-up glides on top.

So, to the Youth Glow base (pictured top) – now this was really interesting! I’m used to using something much more sheer as anything much heavier than a tinted moisturiser or balm feels too heavy for me. Because of this, I thought this might not be one for me, as it is definitely thicker and gives more coverage. But it’s a clever sort of coverage: it evens out skin tone (in my case, never more helpful since melasma has become more of an issue in my forties), but with a luminous, light-reflective finish. Kind of like adding a flattering, real life filter! Clever stuff.

I applied my current favourite bronzing powder and other make-up on top, and whilst the look was definitely more ‘finished’, it didn’t look flat as some do and it hadn’t disappeared, as many do, by the end of the day (or even after a couple of hours!). Although I don’t think I’ll swap it out for my much-loved tinted moisturisers, it’s definitely a keeper for when I want a more long-lasting, ‘finished’ look and maybe for evenings out.

Zelens skincare and make-up review

Last, but not least, I LOVED the Lip Enhancer, which hydrates, provides antioxidant protection and adds colour in a really fun way. It looks like a lip balm in lipstick form, but on contact with the lips, it produces a pinky stain as it reacts with your skin’s natural pH. Again, I usually opt for a lip gloss but I love the sheen this gives the lips, which lasts, and the colour even more so (on me, a summer-fun, popping pink which intensified when I applied more).

So far, so loving Zelens! I like the simple, clinical feel of the packaging and the formulations. I’ll report back more when I’ve used the products over a longer period of time, and maybe tried some more (the full colour range looks pretty tempting!).

Have you tried Zelens? Does it appeal to you? I’d love to know if you have, are thinking about it or if you have any faves!

Something old, something new (and both wonderful!)

Some Estée Lauder love to start the week!

First up, something new: Estée Lauder Little Black Liner (£22).

Hot on the heels of the Little Black Primer – the much buzzed-about multi-tasking mascara primer, lash-booster and “top coat” which launched earlier this year – comes this versatile new felt tip-style liquid liner.

I’ve got to be honest and say that, when the preview sample arrived, my teenage daughter (and eyeliner expert) swooped on it and I didn’t get much more than a quick swipe on the back of my hand! But I did see the great results: a lovely, perfect, long-lasting line and the fact that I haven’t seen the product since says it all.

It’s double-ended and designed so that you can draw an ultra-fine, fine or thicker line, depending on the look you want (my daughter loved that you can get a really fine point at the end of your flick!).

It’s waterproof and smudge-proof, too, which I’ve got to say I love, as somehow I ALWAYS manage to smudge my mascara and eyeliner when I’m rushing around and end up with raccoon eyes!

Next up, a classic I’ve rediscovered over the past couple of weeks.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair review

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (from £50) is one of those products that beauty editors constantly cite when asked to name the products they wouldn’t be without (and would use if they weren’t doing the day job!).

The latest take on what is an iconic formula, the Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II feels so fresh, tightening and glowy from the moment you put it on – it’s so sheer, it almost flies on! –  but totally comfortable. In a matter of seconds, you’re ready to apply your moisturiser or night cream.

I’ve been using it morning and night to give my skin a boost and I’m sure it’s made a difference already in terms of general radiance and maybe (just maybe!) those lines around my eyes and elsewhere.

Are you a Night Repair fan? Or have you recently rediscovered an old favourite beauty hero?

Loving on Friday …

This effortless (or so it looks!) top knot at A Cup of Jo (above, accompanied by the most stunning photos I think I’ve ever seen for a hair tutorial!).

And with sunny weekends, holidays and, in fact, all-year-round protection in mind, this post by Caroline Hirons is excellent.

Also! Lisa Eldridge just posted a video on the subject of sun protection, too, with plenty of info to accompany it here!

Finally, on a foodie note, I made these veggie (obviously!) black bean burgers this week! They were yummy (or so everyone said!).

MumsNet Mary McCartney black bean burgers

Have a great, (safe) sunny weekend!

How to get a post-facial glow (without the facial)

Here are two ways to get the sort of inside-out glow and bloom in your complexion that you usually get after a facial – but in the comfort of your own bathroom and in a matter of minutes!

It’s fantastic what these two, super-effective, naturally-based exfoliating and brightening treatments can achieve in the most gentle, non-abrasive way. And each smells AMAZING!

I like to apply one of these like a mask, before 5-10 minute soak in the bath (for a real treat), or while I’m running around getting on with something else!

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Refine & Polish Miracle Balm (£57) has the most lovely,  intensive balm texture and delicious smell (a gorgeous mix of chamomile, eucalyptus, rosemary and bergamot essential oils).

Fruit enzymes get to work naturally removing dead skin cells and brightening the skin. Just add water to emulsify the balm and rinse it clean away.

This really left me glowing when I needed a tired-skin-pick-me-up the other day and I’m really impressed with everything I’ve tried so far in this lovely range!

Also based on essential oils, the Aromatherapy Associates Essential Enzyme Peel (£41) works in a very similar way, stimulating the skin as fruit acids from pineapple, passion flower and grape gently exfoliate and help you get your glow back.

Aromatherapy Associates Essential Enzyme Peel review

A quick tip: don’t be tempted to leave this sort of treatment on for longer than the recommended time (so easily done, especially as it feels so lovely and smells so delicious!), but rinse it off promptly to avoid being left a little more ‘glowy’ than intended!

If your skin needs a little mid-summer TLC and a radiance boost and decide to give them a try, let me know how you get on!

Riviera chic!

Ah, the Nars Multiple (£29). What a classic, and SUCH a clever, beautiful formula.

One of those iconic products that the term ‘multi-tasking make-up’ was coined for, it gives the most natural, sheer and buildable wash of colour with a texture all of its own. Fresh, multi-dimensional … ‘shimmer’ sounds too much but the way it catches the light is genius. And all in the ease of a push-up stick.

I’ve only ever used it on my cheeks, but I’ve had a play this morning with Riviera – one of the latest shades in the line-up – on my lips, too, with pretty, softly shimmering results. Surprisingly, it didn’t feel drying, either (I tend to stick with glosses and shines).

I have to admit, I really wanted to love this before I even tried it, as the Italian side of our family live on the Italian Riviera, on the pretty Ligurian coast.

In addition, there’s a new, limited edition Nars Sheer Lipstick (£20) named Liguria, which looks like a gorgeous, classic nude …

Nars Liguria lipstick review

I’ve yet to try it, but it’s on my summer holiday wish list!

Do you love the Multiple? If so, which shade is your favourite?

KIKO Sunscreen Milk SPF 30

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve sort of weaned myself off self-tanners this summer and am going for wash-off tints (these are my faves!).

But for going out on sunny days, I like to apply a decent SPF first, so I know I’m covered (it’s all too easy to forget, especially when you’ve given yourself a faux glow!).

Plus, applying a sun lotion first also makes a gel tint go on more smoothly and easily.

This lovely one by KIKO Milano does a great job. It’s lightweight, barely scented but feels wonderfully fresh and suitable for the face and body (although I’ve just been using it on my body, and following with the tint).

I wouldn’t have thought of looking at this cool make-up brand for suncare, but this is a goodie and well worth checking out!

Surf’s up!

So, a hair one this morning: the new Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion (£21.50).

Better than any surf-inspired product I’ve tried, this truly replicates the day-at-the-beach texture without leaving my already colour-frazzled, mind-of-its-own curly hair more tangled than surf-tousled.

This absolutely doesn’t, but the bi-phase, salt-on-oil formula (shake it to wake it!), cleverly injects some salty, beachy texture and volume without any hint of stickiness. So, it makes a great option for ‘schhuz-ing’ hair between washes, in a matter of seconds (always good).

I also gave the pre-existing Surf  Foam Wash Shampoo (£18.50) and Creme Rinse Conditioner (£20.50) a whirl this week and I’m loving those, too (the original, much-loved Surf Spray (£21.50) in still in the line-up, but the new Infusion works in altogether different way, with the oil-and-water combination).

Bumble and Bumble Surf Foam Wash Shampoo review

Again, I expected them to be bit drying for my already-frazzled locks (I always use extra-moisturising products for coloured hair). Instead, these felt really nourishing and left my hair feeling soft and comb-throughable (which I feel should be an official term).

Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner review

As it says on the bottle: “For buoyant body and soft, sea breezy texture”. Or, in the French translation immediately below: “Pour des cheveux doux et tonics, dans le vent, en plein mouvement”.

Love that!

How to go from ‘Nooo!’ to glow, in less than 60 seconds

This summer, I’ve been approaching my fake tanning strategy differently.

After decades of dedicated, traditional self-tanning and gradual tanning (I think I started aged 14, with a can of Sudden Tan …), I’m taking a break and going for wash-off tinted formulas. Quick and easy to use just where you need them, no self-tanning smell and easy to blend without fears of staining your hands or streaky ankles.

The gel and cream formulas are, I think, the very best way to glow. Any form of spray-on tint, I find, tends to hit the leg in question and anything within a one metre radius, too (or maybe it’s just me).

But not with these.

St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Face and Body Lotion (£15), which you can use everywhere, could not be easier to use and leaves no hint of greasiness. In Light/Medium or Medium/Dark, it gives the best depth-of-colour bang for your buck, and won’t wash off in a summer downpour (admittedly, I haven’t put this to the test yet, but apparently it’s all down to the RAINMAC technology).

Great for a dose of last minute colour, I’ve been using it to ensure my bare arms and legs match my face, post-bronzing make-up (with these gorgeous Chanel discoveries!). Also, I LOVE the neon lids!

I’ve also been using the new Legology Sun Lite (£36), which has the most amazing feel-good fragrance and serious toning benefits, too (yes please!).

Legology Sun Lite review

Again, super-quick and easy to apply, it gives skin just feels lovely hint of golden colour and subtle sparkle, too. Sheer, fresh and lovely.

What are your favourite ways to glow this summer?

The beautiful Chanel Les Beiges

I’m a bit late coming to the Chanel Les Beiges party, but, WOW, am I glad I did!

I’d heard lots about this much-loved collection, but for some reason – mainly because I always default to my much-loved Bobbi Brown base and bronzers – I hadn’t got around to finding out what its devotees love about it. Including a girlfriend who said I totally HAD to try Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid SPF 15 (£34), whenever I said how well she was looking.

Chanel Les Beiges review

And now I’m not wearing anything else!

Once tried- along with the Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15 (£38) – I can see why this base and the powder have such a loyal following.

First, the fluid: it gives the barest , sheerest wash of colour which makes skin look ‘finished’ but still ultra-natural. It comes in 6 shades and I went for 50, the darkest, and it gives my olive skin a great wash of much-needed colour (particularly as I’m trying to give my skin a break from facial self-tanners, something I’m coming to in a post soon!).

I’ve been wearing it with the powder, which finishes things off with an incredibly natural-looking sunkissed effect much like (if not, even better!) than when I use my usual self-tanner and bronzing make-up.

But with a lot less faff!

The powder comes with its own dome-shaped applicator brush, which I’ve been using (often, the ones which come with a compact aren’t big enough to do a great job) and I’ve found it works really well.

As a bonus, the beige (of course) Chanel packaging and glossy compact (for the powder) is, in itself, such a lovely touch of glam!

New summer (and, I suspect, longer …) winner!

Surprised by the maxi skirt

Its been a really long time since I’ve worn a really long skirt!

But a sale rail bargain at ZARA – in boho-y, cream crinkled cotton – has made me fall for the maxi length all over again. I can’t find it on the website now, but this simpler green one is rather tempting, too.

A long, flowy skirt – especially when it’s not clingy in any way – is a lovely way of keeping cool without constantly feeling self-conscious about how much leg you’re bearing (especially if you’re feeling a bit pasty/bristly/both!).

Today, I teamed mine with a simple black, satin-y tee and silver sneakers (Superga – my absolute favourite for comfort and simple style).

Superego silver sneakers

It was a surprisingly fun, cool and comfy option for a sunny afternoon.

How about you? Do you love a maxi skirt, and, if so, how do you wear yours?

Emma Hardie update

If pushed to name my favourite cleanser, it would have to be Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (£38).

So, it smells GORGEOUS, is incredibly effective (even on the most hard-to-budge mascara) and a total pleasure to use. It makes getting your make-off off at night a lovely little ritual in itself.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm review

The formula remains the same and it still comes with a muslin cloth to give you the full, hot cloth cleansing experience (sooo good!), but it’s got a sleeker, new-look lid now.

And while we’re talking things Emma Hardie, I’m also HUGELY impressed with her new Protect and Prime SPF 30 (£45) cream.  I’ve been wearing it as a lovely, lightweight moisturiser on top of serum and it works as a fantastic, instantly illuminating make-up primer, too – LOVING IT!!

Again, it smells amazing and it really does make your skin look glowier instantly.  I just add my tinted moisturiser on top (or, right now, the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid I mentioned here) and I’m good to glow!

Essie love

I’ve got to say, Essie polishes have become my new, hands-down (sorry), go-to colours of choice.

The neons really pop, the pastels are so chic and pretty and I just took advantage of the offer on at Boots right now where, for £15, you get the colour of your choice plus the new Essie Gel Setter top coat.

I have to say, I really think the top coat rocks – it gives great shine, and I’m sure it’s made my colour last a little longer each time I’ve used it. No matter WHAT, my nail colour always chips – whichever brand, other than Shellac or gel, which I save for my toes because I paint my toenails like a five year old. But with this top coat, I definitely got a little more wear.

Essie Sunset Sneaks red nail polish

This is a a great deal, and a lovely summery treat – colour-wise, I’m loving the ice-creamy Chillato (top of post), from the new Summer collection, and I’m tempted to go for the fun, super-bright Sunset Sneaks (above), from the same, next!

Loving on Friday …

I’m SO excited to hear about this exhibition, coming next month: Audrey Hepburn, Portraits of an Icon at the National Portrait Gallery. Definitely a summer date for the diary! (Via Telegraph).

Also, this very special-looking book by Luca Dotti, one of Audrey’s two beloved sons, is on on pre-order at Amazon with all proceeds going to the work of the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund. Question is, coffee table or kitchen?

I really enjoyed this piece about the super-flattering effects of tonging your hair in your forties plus by Christa D’Souza, pictured with her star stylist! Babyliss waving tong, anyone? (Via Get The Gloss).

Audrey Hepburn National Portrait Gallery


Who doesn’t love hearing about the everyday ‘beauty uniforms’ of others? This fab series, at A Cup Of Jo, sharing the make-up, skin care, hair and body care staples, tips and tricks of women of all ages and walks of life, is lovely!

aren Mordechai Sunday Suppers at Cup Of Jo Pictured, Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers – and there are lots to dip into! (Via Joanna Goddard at A Cup Of Jo).

This week, I’ve been doing Pilates pretending to be on the beach (when I’m early enough) following Cassey Ho’s Blogilates You Tube channel.

OK, I’ve done it a couple of times.

But this workout, using a resistance band, shows you how much you can do with limited kit and space!

Blogilates You Tube workout

Wishing you a WONDERFUL, weekend, full of fun and (hopefully!) sun – see you on Monday!!

Bobbi Brown NEW Telluride Pot Rouge colours

Oooh, oooh, oooh – NEW Pot Rouge fabulousness from Bobbi, in the upcoming Telluride line-up!

OK, to back up: like many Bobbi fans, I’ve long loved these cream blushes, which literally can be blended onto your cheeks using fingertips to wake up your face in a few seconds flat (FAB for busy mums/anyone who’s always running late and just wants to look a bit glowier. Also for those of us in our Forties plus who need a little extra help to get their glow on!).

Below, taken on a bleary-eyed morning, wearing tinted moisturiser (Bobbi’s Extra SPF Tinted Moisturising Balm, which I wrote about here) and the NEW Pot Rouge in Telluride – part of the new collection of the same name launching online and exclusively in Selfridges on 2 July, nationwide from 16 July ….

… plus a quick lick of mascara, some brow defining gel just to control the crazies, and a slick of lip gloss (all Bobbi, in fact, bar the mascara, which is a KIKO Milano).

So, there are two new Pot Rouge shades in the collection, Telluride and Maui, which is a gorgeous, deep pinky-rose (in fact, you could layer the two for a really beautiful, just-back-from-the-beach effect).

Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Telluride review

The finish is super-fresh, dewy but not shiny and the fact that it’s a cream makes it long-lasting, too (I’ve found glossier and liquid blushes tend to disappear very quickly).

Some other news! I’m SUPER-excited to say I’ve been playing around with video and will be launching my You Tube channel SOON! I’ve also been asked by a parenting website and channel to shoot some beauty videos for busy mums, so I’m thinking it’s time I hopped onto You Tube and had a go at some beauty vlogs to accompany the reviews and other content here at Jen On Beauty as it grows!

Stay tuned, thanks SO much for reading and do look out for the new Telluride collection and these Pot Rouges when they hit Selfridges and online on 2 July and then counters nationwide from the 16th!

4 easy ways to glow

It’s Monday, the sun isn’t quite sure what it’s doing where I am – how about you?

But I know I’m looking for ways to feel a little glowier – and if I can get away without wearing much make-up, even better – and definitely less pasty of pin when I do go bare-legged (even it’s just the bits that are showing through distressed jeans!).

Or bare-armed, for that matter.

So, here are of my favourite face and body bronzers right now:

1. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Natural Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser (£5.95).

Many a girlfriend has raised an eyebrow when I’ve said this is the one I recommend among self-tanners for the body right now.

Really, they say? Absolutely. Seriously, this one is the business, I think, when it comes to gradual tanning (much more natural-looking, especially if you’re not confident with self-tanning, and easier to pull off than full-strength faking it).

It’s super-moisturising, easy to apply, builds up a really natural looking, definitely ‘there’ glow that lasts several days (I’ve found that two consecutive applications gives just the right colour for me, but, of course, it’s personal).

The formula smells summery and sweet – like the original, iconic body lotion – which might put you off if you’re not a fan of stronger smells. But, then, the sweetness overrides the impossible-to-get-away-from fake tan whiff.

If you’re looking to go the way of a gradual tanner (and I think this one strikes a great balance between buildable and actually visible!), try it.

2.  The Body Shop Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist (£15)

This is a new addition to the Honey Bronze range, and I’ve got to say that, again, it’s the one I’ve been reaching for over more over pricier sprays along the same lines (instant tint, and with this one, a bit of a nourished glow, too, which is a bonus).

It’s a fine mist, but because it’s a pump and not an aerosol, it gives you a bit more control.

That said, it does have a reasonable range, so you need to be careful where you stand when you spray away (we have had a speckled white chest of drawers and wardrobe situation in our home. Hooray for baby wipes – seriously, what can’t they do?).

3. Bobbi Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo (£34) in Elvis Duran

I know, I know – I’ve written about this already only the other day (I promise, I’ll shut up about it now). But I couldn’t do a without mentioning it again, because it truly is a great way to literally dust on some sun!

4. James Read Day Tan SPF 15 Face (£22)

My absolute favourite facial self-tanner of the moment, and I LOVE that beauty’s King of all things self-tanning has formulated this with an SPF. This feels like a nice, lightweight daytime moisturiser and I’ve worn it with bronzing powder on top and was good-to-glow (whilst the colour got to work throughout the day).

And it is all about the colour. This one is lovely: natural, golden and likely to convince you to skip your usual base and just add a touch of blush or bronzing powder and go! Always great in summer …

What are your fave ways to get glowing as summer gets underway? I’d love to know!