A beautiful body scrub

I hesitate even to call this a body scrub – think more ‘spa style, rose-scented, polishing and hydrating body treatment’.

One of the latest additions to the Moroccanoil body care range, the new Moroccanoil Body Buff Fleur De Rose (£41), is definitely a treat. There are, of course, less pricey ways to smooth and soften your skin for summer, but I’ve got to say – having reviewed this – I think it’s incredibly special and leaves skin feeling unbelievably smooth.

It’s the argan oil, infused throughout the whole Moroccanoil range, that definitely makes the difference here. I’m a huge fan of the original hair oil and have found nothing to match it in terms of frizz-taming, polish-adding and general craziness-controlling! There are other oils in here, too, including sweet almond, avocado, sesame and grape seed oil (a wonderful nourisher).

As a scrub, the texture is lovely: just gritty enough and super-nourishing. And the smell … I’m not a huge fan of single rose scents usually, but I loved this! So fresh, summery and uplifting.

My skin felt smoother and so well moisturised afterwards, as if I’d applied a body oil but less greasy. And it stayed that way to the end of the day, which is really saying something as my skin is pretty dry. That’s definitely another bonus for those of us who have found our skin gets a little drier and needs even more help in our Forties plus!

The rose scent lingers, too, but not in an overpowering way.

Most of all, I love the way it smoothes and deeply moisturises in one, very luxurious, step!

More great body buffers for all budgets coming soon! And in the meantime, I’d love to know, what are your body buffing faves? How do you get your skin ready for summer?

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2 thoughts on “A beautiful body scrub”

    1. Ooh then you would really would!:D It’s a true, stick-your-nose-in-a-bloom smell – very natural – and gently scents the skin afterwards. Also, the way this scrub leaves your skin feeling like it’s had a real moisture boost is AMAZING! A highly recommend if very ‘treat-y’ one to check out! XX

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