Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 507 Insolumise review

A fun, easy to wear a red lip for summer

You know the coral red nail polishes I was talking about last week?

Well the same principle – that orange-based reds make a great choice for a wearable, ‘grown-up’ ‘pop’ of summer colour that looks fresh and modern – applies to lips, too.

Again, shiny is the way to go and, for lips, keeping it sheer with the option to build up colour makes for the least scary, freshest approach.

The new Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in 507 Insoumise (£25), part of the Chanel Summer 2015 collection currently on counters, fits the bill perfectly.

The colour definitely looks intense in the tube – and gorgeous for it – but glides on to give beautifully soft and sheer, super-moisturising colour.

It almost feels like a tinted balm in texture. The best test is that I’m just getting over a cold (fun!) and my lips have been particularly dry. I didn’t need to apply a balm and the colour went on nice and smoothly – result!

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