Aveeno Skincare Secrets and autumn beauty tips

Aveeno Skincare Secrets (and my top tip for summer-into-autumn leg baring!)

As I shared on Instagram this morning, I was delighted to be tagged by the fab Krista Madden of Beauty And The Dirt to try out this classic body moisturiser and drugstore fave – Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (£7.65) – and share my Aveeno Skincare Secrets, as Krista did (and I love and couldn’t agree more with her advice on cleansing – makes all the difference!).

And what better timing to talk about body lotions? When the weather is showery one minute and sunny the next, it’s good to have a rich but non-greasy body lotion to hand – the sort you can slap onto bare legs, get dressed and go (or, indeed, get dressed and slap on where needed, in a pinch – something I’m very accustomed to doing, I’ve got to admit!).

So, my skin care secret has to do with exactly this seasonal challenge: on days when the sun shines and it still feels too warm for tights and you want to add a little colour (or keep your summer glow going for longer), simply mix a little leftover bronzing gel or shimmer – maybe something you’ve been using on your face – with your favourite body lotion and apply.

You can do this in the palm of your hand, adjusting the bronzer/body lotion ratio until you get the desired depth of homemade, instant body tint! Make-up artists even do this with powder, but I’ve always found liquid or gel bronzers easiest to work with.

And even if you\ve already got a great instant, wash-off body tint (like one of these I mentioned), then body lotion is also your best friend for the most glowing, even results. Apply a good layer of lotion first, then dot your wash-off tint on top and blend with your fingertips until seamlessly, lightly sunkissed!

Back to the Aveeno lotion, this one, which has scooped countless awards from the likes of InStyle and Allure, is famous for its ability to saturate skin with much-needed moisture (which is mine all year round!) without heaviness or greasiness. In fact, I’m always torn between needing something fairly intensive and my dislike for anything too thick and gloopy, especially in the daytime.

Like Krista says in her post, I love too that it has a pump – I find this so much easier than diving into slippery jars and quicker when you’re in a mad-dash to get ready!

Formula-wise, the focus ingredient here is soothing, dry skin-nourishing colloidal oatmeal but there are other key moisturisers like glycerin which I’ve found to be one of the most successful ingredients in sorting out my very dry skin-prone hands (as soon as temperatures drop, I get this dermatitis-like dryness which is with me all winter unless I keep on top of it with regular moisturising).

I did notice, immediately after applying it to my body, how soft and supple the skin on my hands was – so that’s a big bonus for me. There’s a paraffin in there, too, which also helps to provide the immediate, intensive hydration boost that you can see and feel after applying it.

After weeks of sandals and flip-flops, I’ll definitely be rubbing it lots onto my dry heels morning and night, too!

So, now I get to tag fellow beauty writer Lisa, the radiant and gorgeous editor of the Glowology blog, to share hers (I can’t wait!).

I’ll also be checking out other beauty bloggers’ top tips using the hashtag #AveenoSkincareSecrets on Twitter.

This is not a sponsored post. I was delighted to be tagged and invited by Aveeno to try the lotion and share my own tips! 

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