Zelens skincare and make-up review

All about the Zelens …

So, last week, I posted this shot on Instagram about being excited to try the full Zelens skin care experience (almost. I haven’t tried the cleanser, which I know fans of the range love, so I’ll try and get onto that and report back soon!).

The background: Zelens is the skin care range developed by Dr Marko Lens, an international authority on skin cancer and reconstructive and plastic surgeon. The formulations are all about balance and the careful blending of biotechnology and plant-derived ingredients to create formulas which work with the skin’s natural processes to repair, rejuvenate and, of course, protect it against environmental damage.

At the weekend, I tried some key Zelens skincare and make-up products together, to see how they worked for me: the Intense Defence Antioxidant Serum (£125), Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 30 (£55), Youth Glow Foundation (£60) and Lip Enhancer (£32), which has already become a go-to in my summer make-up bag (coming to that!).

Obviously, it’s early days as far as giving feedback on the longer-term results on my skin, but I loved what I used and, by the end of the day, my skin still had a natural-looking but ‘finished’ look.

Zelens skincare and make-up review

As it usually is in any range, the serum is the priciest product I tried (most beauty pros say, if you can, it’s the skincare product worth spending more on as it is absorbed most deeply). In this case, you get quite a lot in the bottle and a little goes a long way.

The antioxidant-packed formula smoothes on easily and feels immediately refreshing and hydrating. I left it for a few moments before then applying the broad spectrum SPF day cream which was lightweight enough to go on quickly and easily and without leaving a hint of greasiness, which I loved. Make-up went on top without any problems. It’s great to know you’re protecting your skin with a serious sunscreen (even if your make-up base has an SPF, the problem is you almost certainly won’t be using enough to get the full benefit) and I’m inclined to trust a daily sunscreen developed by a doctor who speciality is in skin cancer.

Zelens skincare and make-up review

Being a sunny summer day, I used the SPF cream but I’ve also tried the Hydro-Shiso Balancing Moisturiser (£60), a lotion with a lovely, refreshing feel which hydrates without heaviness and, again, make-up glides on top.

So, to the Youth Glow base (pictured top) – now this was really interesting! I’m used to using something much more sheer as anything much heavier than a tinted moisturiser or balm feels too heavy for me. Because of this, I thought this might not be one for me, as it is definitely thicker and gives more coverage. But it’s a clever sort of coverage: it evens out skin tone (in my case, never more helpful since melasma has become more of an issue in my forties), but with a luminous, light-reflective finish. Kind of like adding a flattering, real life filter! Clever stuff.

I applied my current favourite bronzing powder and other make-up on top, and whilst the look was definitely more ‘finished’, it didn’t look flat as some do and it hadn’t disappeared, as many do, by the end of the day (or even after a couple of hours!). Although I don’t think I’ll swap it out for my much-loved tinted moisturisers, it’s definitely a keeper for when I want a more long-lasting, ‘finished’ look and maybe for evenings out.

Zelens skincare and make-up review

Last, but not least, I LOVED the Lip Enhancer, which hydrates, provides antioxidant protection and adds colour in a really fun way. It looks like a lip balm in lipstick form, but on contact with the lips, it produces a pinky stain as it reacts with your skin’s natural pH. Again, I usually opt for a lip gloss but I love the sheen this gives the lips, which lasts, and the colour even more so (on me, a summer-fun, popping pink which intensified when I applied more).

So far, so loving Zelens! I like the simple, clinical feel of the packaging and the formulations. I’ll report back more when I’ve used the products over a longer period of time, and maybe tried some more (the full colour range looks pretty tempting!).

Have you tried Zelens? Does it appeal to you? I’d love to know if you have, are thinking about it or if you have any faves!

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