ST.TROPEZ Instant Tan Lotion LM

How to get glowing, in less than 60 seconds

This summer, I’ve been approaching my fake tanning strategy differently.

After decades of dedicated, traditional self-tanning and gradual tanning (I think I started aged 14, with a can of Sudden Tan …), I’m taking a break and going for wash-off tinted formulas. Quick and easy to use just where you need them, no self-tanning smell and easy to blend without fears of staining your hands or streaky ankles.

The gel and cream formulas are, I think, the very best way to glow. Any form of spray-on tint, I find, tends to hit the leg in question and anything within a one metre radius, too (or maybe it’s just me).

But not with these.

St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Face and Body Lotion (£15), which you can use everywhere, could not be easier to use and leaves no hint of greasiness. In Light/Medium or Medium/Dark, it gives the best depth-of-colour bang for your buck, and won’t wash off in a summer downpour (admittedly, I haven’t put this to the test yet, but apparently it’s all down to the RAINMAC technology).

Great for a dose of last minute colour, I’ve been using it to ensure my bare arms and legs match my face, post-bronzing make-up (with these gorgeous Chanel discoveries!). Also, I LOVE the neon lids!

I’ve also been using the new Legology Sun Lite (£36), which has the most amazing feel-good fragrance and serious toning benefits, too (yes please!).

Legology Sun Lite review

Again, super-quick and easy to apply, it gives skin just feels lovely hint of golden colour and subtle sparkle, too. Sheer, fresh and lovely.

What are your favourite ways to glow this summer?

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