KIKO Sunscreen Milk SPF30 review

KIKO Sunscreen Milk SPF 30

As I mentioned the other day, I’ve sort of weaned myself off self-tanners this summer and am going for wash-off tints (these are my faves!).

But for going out on sunny days, I like to apply a decent SPF first, so I know I’m covered (it’s all too easy to forget, especially when you’ve given yourself a faux glow!).

Plus, applying a sun lotion first also makes a gel tint go on more smoothly and easily.

This lovely one by KIKO Milano does a great job. It’s lightweight, barely scented but feels wonderfully fresh and suitable for the face and body (although I’ve just been using it on my body, and following with the tint).

I wouldn’t have thought of looking at this cool make-up brand for suncare, but this is a goodie and well worth checking out!

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