Seascape Island Apothecary Soothing Mist review

Natural wonders: Seascape Island Apothecary and Jason

A couple of lovely, natural goodies today!

In the sweet, cleanly packaged Seascape Island Apothecary range – handmade in Jersey using locally sourced, all-natural ingredients – I’ve been using the new Soothe Body Mist (£16) as a fresh, anytime pick-me-up.

I love it in the same way I love those zesty, Mediterranean colognes designed to be splashed on with abandon and are often used on babes and children, too. I always pick up a couple of giant bottles in French supermarkets every summer – literally for about a euro each – to keep me going.

I get more excited about the health and beauty aisle than I do the cheese and wine!

A little more than a euro, but much more sophisticated and from a collection supporting Ovarian Cancer Research, this one contains the scent of 100% essential oils including Jersey Lavender (which I can’t single out, which I’m happy about as, I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan it in a fragrance) and mandarin.

For me, I’m getting more of a soft, Neroli-type scent here and I LOVE it!

Jason Smoothing Coconut Body Wash  review

Another ’empty’ now (!) is the Jason Smoothing Coconut Body Wash (£9.99). Love the giant bottle and non-mess, pump dispenser – great for all the family bath and shower-side – and the creamy, gently cleansing formula (no parabens or SLS, so no foam) feels really moisturising, too (that will be the unrefined virgin coconut oil and shea butter).

I do love the whole Jason line, and think these big body washes are great value and super-cosseting!

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