Surf’s up!

So, a hair one this morning: the new Bumble and Bumble Surf Infusion (£21.50).

Better than any surf-inspired product I’ve tried, this truly replicates the day-at-the-beach texture without leaving my already colour-frazzled, mind-of-its-own curly hair more tangled than surf-tousled. Continue reading Surf’s up!

How to get glowing, in less than 60 seconds

This summer, I’ve been approaching my fake tanning strategy differently.

After decades of dedicated, traditional self-tanning and gradual tanning (I think I started aged 14, with a can of Sudden Tan …), I’m taking a break and going for wash-off tinted formulas. Quick and easy to use just where you need them, no self-tanning smell and easy to blend without fears of staining your hands or streaky ankles. Continue reading How to get glowing, in less than 60 seconds

The beautiful Chanel Les Beiges

I’m a bit late coming to the Chanel Les Beiges party, but, WOW, am I glad I did!

I’d heard lots about this much-loved collection, but for some reason – mainly because I always default to my much-loved Bobbi Brown base and bronzers – I hadn’t got around to finding out what its devotees love about it. Continue reading The beautiful Chanel Les Beiges

Emma Hardie skincare update

If pushed to name my favourite cleanser, it would have to be Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm (£38).

So, it smells GORGEOUS, is incredibly effective (even on the most hard-to-budge mascara) and a total pleasure to use. It makes getting your make-off off at night a lovely little ritual in itself. Continue reading Emma Hardie skincare update