Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo review

Possibly this summer’s most perfect bronzer …

Hold the homepage! I think I’ve found my favourite bronzer of summer 2015.

I absolutely love this limited edition Bobbi Bobbi Brown Face & Body Bronzing Duo (£34) in Elvis Duran and Telluride. I’ve been sweeping it everywhere (pretty much) since it arrived for the weekend and I promised I’d review it on Instagram!

The giant, tactile compact is filled with one part medium, warm bronzer (Elvis Duran) – it’s very close to the Medium classic Bronzing Powder I mentioned only recently – and an ‘illuminating’, deeper and pinkier shade (Telluride).

When you apply the pinky shade on top of the bronzer, to the apples of the cheeks and dusted onto the collarbone , too – you get the most amazingly realistic, just-back-from-the-beach glow without sun.

Apply it wherever you fancy – to the tops of the feet to set off a new summer colour on your toes, or onto pasty knees exposed by distressed jeans! – because it’s especially made for the body, too.

Part of Bobbi’s new Nude Sands collection, it also comes in a softer, pinkier-toned Bermuda & Antigua option) check it out on counters now (and while you’re at the, see the limited edition Lip Shimmer in Bare Sparkle, £26.43 …

Bobbi Brown Lip Shimmer Bare Sparkle review… which is exactly that and just beautiful, too!)

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