Babyliss Dual Big Hair Styler review

Babyliss fabulousness!

Today, a quick post about my all-time favourite styling tools.

It this instance, they’re all Babyliss (and this isn’t sponsored!), and they’re the ones I reach for the most often (and usually in a mad rush).

1. Babyliss Big Hair Air Styler (£60)

Nothing short of a hair styling revelation (the latest model, pictured above), and one which I discovered after many beauty insiders I’ve interviewed – Jo Malone, among others – have recommended it for getting the best salon-shiny and swingy (and volume-packed) blow dry at home.

And that’s EXACTLY what this does, by replicating what a stylist would do in the salon: blowing out hair with a big round bristle brush, smoothing and adding volume as it goes, and flicking it up or under at the ends, depending on which button you hit (that sounded highly untechnical, but that basically covers it).


I use the original, but the shiny new Babyliss Big Hair Dual Rotating Brush costs just a little more and includes two barrels, for different size waves or curls, which can’t be bad!

2.  Babyliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves (£55)Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves review

This one I turn to even if I haven’t been bothered to do the above, but have let my hair dry naturally and need to take some desperate, quickie measures to restore control, eliminate frizz and add some smoothness and easy, beachy waves (my favourite sort).

The barrel is nice and big, but I highly recommend you use the protective glove provided if you are even slightly as uncoordinated with these things as me.

3.  Babyliss Curl Secret (£120)

Babyliss Curl Secret review

Nothing short of genius if you want perfect curls, with shine and definition, however frizzy they started out (I speak from experience here).

You simply place a small section of hair into the gizmo, and it magically draws it up (slightly alarming the first few times you do it, but take care and you’ll get used to it), heats and curls it for a couple of seconds and then beeps to let you know to release it.

One perfect, glossy curl. THAT easy.

Of all three gadgets, this is the one I reach for the least simply not because it isn’t brilliant and oh-so-clever (it is), but because I prefer a looser curl – more of a tousled wave – and a longer look.

With all these tools, there are different options, to achieve longer-lasting curls or waves, but obviously the less time you heat, the kinder to your hair.

I’m so grateful for these fabulous time-saving tools, and when you find one that works for you, I think it’s such a great investment for getting those polished, pulled-together looks, at home or away, without the time or cost of a salon visit.

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