The beautiful Chanel Les Beiges

I’m a bit late coming to the Chanel Les Beiges party, but, WOW, am I glad I did!

I’d heard lots about this much-loved collection, but for some reason – mainly because I always default to my much-loved Bobbi Brown base and bronzers – I hadn’t got around to finding out what its devotees love about it. Continue reading The beautiful Chanel Les Beiges

A fun, easy to wear a red lip for summer

You know the coral red nail polishes I was talking about last week?

Well the same principle – that orange-based reds make a great choice for a wearable, ‘grown-up’ ‘pop’ of summer colour that looks fresh and modern – applies to lips, too. Continue reading A fun, easy to wear a red lip for summer

Coral is the colour!

I’m noticing this colour a lot on many of the Instagram accounts of forty and fiftysomething fashion and style bloggers at the moment.

Somewhere between a poolside red and a hot coral – the glossier the better – it really pops against bronzed skin and looks grown-up-classic, but fresh and modern, too. Continue reading Coral is the colour!