The game-changing hair towel

Do you have curly or frizz-prone hair? (I’m holding my hand up to both here. And adding over-highlighted).

If so, then I have a top tip for you, coming next week to the UK from sunny California: the Aquis Waffle Luxe Hair Towel (£35).

I wouldn’t have credited how much of a difference one, small towel could make to my hair – and the time it would save during the usual, mad morning rush.

But I can truly say, this towel, made from a patented Aquitex moisture-grabbing microfibre fabric, has made ALL the difference.

After the first wash, before applying my usual styling products, and wrapping it up wet in the ridiculously absorbent towel (rather than rubbing, which can cause breakage when hair is wet and prone to damage), I could feel the difference immediately: the excess water was instantly soaked up, so my hair felt truly towel-dry and ready for product and blow-drying, which was so much faster and easier.

Even if you’re letting your hair dry naturally, it would definitely speed things up and help to fight the frizz and give you more defined curls.

The towel itself dries really quickly, too, and being so small and lightweight, it would be great for gym bags.

And the pretty teal and neon colour doesn’t hurt, either!

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