Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing Moisturiser review

Wake up glowing!

Usually, it takes a while when trying out new skincare to give it a proper run before reporting back on the results. But then you come across those products that seem to make a great, visible difference almost immediately (in this case, overnight!) and you’ve got to share!

For me, Clinique Turnaround Overnight Revitalizing  Moisturizer (£34), ticks that box.

I used it for the first time two nights ago and definitely saw a difference in my skin, which has been looking quite washed-out and needing a little more help to glow (too many late nights, To Do lists and general back-to-school craziness!).  The next morning, it looked glowier, more healthy and less pass-me-my-bronzer-immediately!

What like about the formula itself – which promises to help restore loss radiance due to time (hello!) and sun damage – is that it feels lightweight but nightime-nourishing at the same time. I do love a more ‘cosseting’ cream post-hot cloth cleanse at night, and this is lighter than some but goes on super-smoothly and definitely leaves skin feeling rehydrated.

Another night, another fresher look come this morning. I’m not saying my lines, uneven pigmentation and the payback from all those years of 80s sunbathing have disappeared overnight (I’m painting a pretty picture here, aren’t I?!), but anything which works overnight to help a fortysomething mama get her glow back scores big in my book!

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